Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons

Knowledge Report: Asterion

Current Status: Heterodyne. Lacking ataraxia.

Knowledge Report: Asterion
Year 28, day 218

Current Status: Heterodyne. Lacking ataraxia.

Status Review:
My life, once so obvious and clear, has become enturbulated. As detailed in my prior self-report during the ocean voyage, I have blown the island, leaving behind the only life I have ever known. Minos, the temple, the stories of the Prophet Ellarha, my own assume divinity, all were revealed to be apparencies created by aboleths for some sinister purpose.

Why, then, I wonder, do I continue to compile stats, continue to write knowledge reports, continue the Attainment Rundown to progress along the Bridge to Total Freedom?

The truth is, these acts of repetition and ritual bring me comfort. The truth is, the auditing works. On my own, I have made significant case gains, reaching Operating Thetan level II and allowing a resurgence of self-determinism and native ability. I have managed to weaponize my externalization. I have accessed the whole track memories of my past incarnations. Even if the parables and legends of Ellarha were tools for the aberrations to manipulate us, the tools they have provided work. “Disbelief is belief,” wrote the Prophet, “and belief is disbelief.” The psionic technology they have provided still functions. There are no mistakes, no accidents, only counter-intentions. The piscocephalous ones wish, on some level, for me to oppose them, or their malevolence would not have been made clear. Thus, I shall use their own tools to countereffort their dominance of my homeland.

No doubt, the Prophet’s Messengers have declared my flight from Minos a treachery of the highest magnitude. No doubt, I have been declared a suppressive person. My friends and families have certainly by now been given the notification with the goldenrod seal, identifying me as an enemy of the Prophet’s Messengers.

Yet I know this to be untrue. I aim to emancipate the people of Minos, not betray them. The true suppressive people are the aboleths, the secret masters underneath the island. I shall hereon act on my own determinism. I shall seek to increase the determinism of those whom the immortal amphibioids refuse to grant beingness.

Status Update:
Since arriving on the island of Neverwinter, I have obtained lodging and sustenance and begun to understand the society of the wogs. In my search for havingness, I have come to find several potential allies. None have any experience in the art of the Unspoken Word, but they each possess determinism within their own unique fields of endeavour. Initially, this alliance was purely to earn compensation for the destruction of a draconic teratomorph. In the end, though, the serpentine entity proved not to be the potential trouble source it appeared to be. Instead, of being a vermillion (malignant) wyrm, Kyprios, the creature in question, was of the cuprous variety, and therefore benignant. This draconian entity is apparently preclear, but possesses significant magics divinatory and otherwise, as well as many other determinisms of an ambiguous nature. Before our first encounter, Kyprios appeared to already know the details of my personal track, as well as the withholds of my martial compatriots. He also presents a great many withholds, an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and an unfortunate tendency toward altiloquence. As an ally, the aeneous one appears useful yet nonetheless unreliable. No doubt, the cupric creature will betray me to further his own ends, and his apparency will be revealed to be a facsimile created for more complex ends. Already, he has shown proficiency in crepuscular magics, which might imply connections to umbral entities of dubious meta-ethical allegiance. But until such time as those alternate goals are uncovered, his patronage will be of great utility.

Similarly, the akeratophorous adventuring companions I have located each no doubt have their own withholds and complicated gambits they pursue to my detriment. (One has already revealed himself to be a member of a heretical intelligence network.) But until such time as their sudden but inevitable betrayals present themselves, I can most probably utilize their disparate skills to achieve my goals, even as they turn my own capabilities toward their own.

Is this how cooperation works? “Two or more beings each possess distinct, non-overlapping magisteria, and thus can rely on the skills of the other in a reciprocative relationship, until such time as their goals no longer align.” So sayeth Ellarha, anyway. It has been so long since I wasn’t obeyed unquestioningly that some behaviors seem strange to me. Affinity is still unestablished, though perhaps with continued interaction reality will be made manifest and affinity can be instantiated.

Kyprios opposes another, scarlet beast named Klauth. Kyprios suggests that we inveigle Kaluth and infiltrate his operation, to then betray Klauth when the time is right. Klauth, apparently, is prophesied to be the downfall of the Abolethic Sovereignty. But, then, if Klauth seeks to unmock the squamous mindlords, shouldn’t he be an ally, rather than a counter intentive force? I must learn more about both these dragons, as well as other forces at work here, before determining the proper course of action.

Uncompiled Data:
[Here follows several pages of statistics on every aspect of Asterion’s performance toward his goals.]



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