Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons

Thokas' Journal

Neverwinter Beginnings

2 Kythorn 1481

Met with Y. today at Sunken Flagon. She will remain attached to Commonwealth of Neverwinter, I will act independently to build our network and act against our enemy.

Another survivor, Siedi, reportedly in the area; attached to the Dark Moon, likely a traitor. Need to find, determine what she knows, and if a traitor kill her. Intelligence reported by Y.

A bounty has been taken out to kill a Red Dragon in the ruins of Highcliff. Small public bounty posted by the Commonwealth, but the majority of the bounty is being paid by private individuals. Falken Bryce is the face for the private money being offered. The Red Dragon is likely a fabrication, as attacks and events in the area do not match the behavior of a red dragon. Still, contract provides the means to establish as an adventurer. Intelligence reported by Y.

Attached myself to a group of adventurers. Basajaun, druid: Asterion, minotaur; Amafray, wizard; Talym, bard. See individual write-ups for more details on group. Followed Amafray, verified she has access to Academy, likely a true student.

3 Kythorn 1481

Traveled with group to Highcliff. Trip takes until later afternoon. Amafray determined that Shadow Magic was used in the area in the past; magic is likely not Netherese in origin based on subsequent events. Place is falling apart; I pity anyone who tries to put this keep back together again. Also, infested by kobolds who swear to be in the service of Klauth. Further evidence there is no red dragon in evidence, despite party skepticism.

In one room, found an old letter to Black Garius from a priest, talking about the King of Shadows and the taking of Fort Locke. Details included later in journal; will look to sell the original to establish contacts in Neverwinter and to identify who would be interested in this type of intelligence.

Also encountered hostile shadow creatures. Do not resemble anything from Netheril that I know of, but clearly attached to the Shadowfell in some way.

4 Kythorn 1481

So there’s a bronze dragon in residence under Highcliff, named Kyprios. Paid the bard on our bet, since I phrased it badly. Encountered more shadows to get to the basement, learned from Lyprios that they are the result of an old ritual that attempted to free the King of Shadows. Kyprios’ stated intent is to oppose Klauth, see individula write-up for more information.

Kyprios also knows who I am. Claims that Shar and Sel√Ľne organizations worked in tandem to attack the Order.

We aided Kyprios in closing a remnant Shadow Crossing from the ritual in the past. As a reward, Kyprios gave us all magical items. Again, the gifts suggest he knows us better than he should but not absolutely, as Asterion’s gift was less than effective.

We also cleared out the rest of the castle of kobolds; Kyprios suggested that we take up residence and use it as a base of operations. I look at my comments yesterday and recognize Shar’s hand at play in reminding me to not tempt fate.

Brandis Vrei in Black Lake works for Klauth; we took a letter of surrender to him from Kyprios to Klauth. Basajaun also revealed an unknown “infestation” is occuring in Black Lake.

Excerpt of Thokas’ Notes Further in Journal

Basajaun Gartzia – Short, needy human druid. Apparently weaker off of Returned Abeir? Writes the worst poetry I have ever heard, no interest in gold. Has a mission that he’s not clear on because he didn’t pay attention.

I hate teenagers.

Talyn Silverblood – Half-elf. Not a typical bard; has a lot magical talent. Unfortunately, insists on playing only upbeat, sugar-y sweet songs. Magic seems predominately ice-based. Has draconic heritage; seems invested in exploring that.

Asterion – A minotaur with psychic powers. Ritual branding on body suggests long term torture as a part of a ritutal. Stated goal is to save his friends and family; has a connection to aboleths. The best in the party.

Amafrey Windrivver – Human mage student (confirmed at least connection to Academy). Seems overly optimistic, will need to handle that with care in future dealings. Magic seems to be fire-driven, and includes the apparent ability to ignore a target’s fire resistance (perhaps immunity would still work against?). The most defenseless of the group in a physical confrontation.

Kyprios – Bronze dragon encountered under Highcliff. Knows more than he should, arrogant. Play into ego and desire to play games (introduced with a riddle and a maze). Obsessed with the idea of freedom, opposes Klauth.



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