Copper Dragon of Highcliff Castle


Kyprios is a young copper dragon lairing beneath the ruins of Highcliff Castle south of Neverwinter. He has come to this region despite its terrible weather because he is so intrigued by the experiment in human society currently underway in the Free State of Neverwinter. Like most copper dragons, Kyprios cannot assume a humanoid form, but he has nonetheless made a number of powerful friends inside the city, including First Secretary Micar’eyl Auvrymtor and Arlon Bladeshaper.

He has taken as his personal goal to destroy the ancient red dragon Klauth. That would be incredibly ambitious even for a copper dragon far, far older than Kyprios. He knows he stands no chance against Klauth in a direct confrontation, but as a copper dragon, Kyprios tries to avoid any direct confrontations anyway. He wants to destroy Klauth through subterfuge and trickery. To that end, he has taken a band of adventurers under his wings (and is pressing them to choose some suitably glorious name for themselves). He hopes that they can earn Klauth’s attention and patronage, so that they will be the ones sent to Returned Abeir to fetch the Wyrmcrown for Klauth. That way, Kyprios will be in the loop and able to swoop in at the last moment to deny Klauth his prize. With the Wyrmcrown, Kyprios will only need to taste Klauth’s blood to kill him.


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