Rodrik Alagondar

Lord of Neverwinter


Hugo Babris was King of Neverwinter when Mount Hotenow erupted in the Year of Knowledge Unearthed (419 NR, 1451 DR), and for many years believed to be the last heir of Nasher Alagondar’s dynasty. As it turned out, Hugo’s daughter Westra narrowly escaped the cataclysm and made her way to Waterdeep, seeking refuge from House Thann. She died shortly after giving birth to her son, Rodrik. The Thanns raised Rodrik as one of their own until the Year of the Ageless One (447 NR, 1479 DR), when Rodrik placed the Crown of Neverwinter upon his head and revealed himself as Nasher’s heir and the rightful king of Neverwinter.

Rodrik did not wear the crown long, though. After helping rediscover Gauntlgrym, he had the crown destroyed in the Great Forge and took the title of “lord,” organizing Neverwinter’s government as a commonwealth. As lord, Rodrik serves as commander-in-chief of the commonwealth’s armed forces, head of the council, and the highest authority to which a citizen can appeal in the commonwealth’s courts, but still lacking the total authority that kings in so many other realms reserve for themselves.

Rodrik is a reluctant ruler, much more comfortable in his garden than in his council chambers. He takes his role as head of state seriously, insisting that he must set an example for the sort of heroism and selflessness that all Neverwintans must uphold. Nonetheless, the Second Shadow War has gone poorly for the Lords’ Alliance over the past two years, and observers say that in the growing desperation Lord Rodrik has been forced to make compromises that deeply trouble him.

Rodrik Alagondar

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