Old Snarl


In the Year of the Turret (328 NR, 1360 DR), the blue dragon Irdrithkryn joined forces with two white dragons, Aerihykloarara and Ruuthfndrarar to try to slay Klauth. Klauth emerged from the battle victorious, but it nearly killed him. The right side of his body had been frozen solid, shattered, and then struck away, with the wing nearly torn off. He seized Irdrithkryn’s hoard and then went into hiding, forming his lair in what is now called the Klauthen Vale.

Every red dragon is driven by avarice and pride, but after that battle, Klauth was driven even moreso by paranoia. Other dragons and the threat they posed to him filled his mind, but also the possibility of a Great Hunt, when several powerful wizards and heroes band together to destroy a great and powerful beast like the Anglatha of Tulmon, a magically-altered captive deepspawn that disgorged only beholders. Malchor Harpell called for such a hunt, and Klauth retaliated by attacking his home, the Tower of Twilight.

Klauth brought sheep, goats, and rothe to his new valley to provide him with food. He raided the lair of the desert-dwelling blue dragon Iymrith for ancient Netherese magic — in particular, Thellar’s argauneau, which allowed him to augment himself and prolong his life with red dragon eggs. It was the pursuit of such powerful magic that led him to an alliance with Skrogg, a fire giant king, to attain one of the sarrukh Words of Power. Klauth began to believe that there was a prophecy written into the very fabric of magic, one which called to him specifically. He bargained away the Word of Power to an adventurer named Ander Brightwood, who slew Skrogg in the Year of Wild Magic (340 NR, 1372 DR). Klauth returned to his vale with several fire giant followers, who established a fortress near his lair.

In the Year of Rogue Dragons (341 NR, 1373 DR), Klauth fell prey to the Dracorage mythal. He destroyed much of Mirabar’s surface city before he was driven off by the combined efforts of Mirabar’s defenders and the crystal dragon Saryndalaghlothtor. Klauth resents bitterly any attempt to control him. It’s why he is so incensed by the Cult of the Dragon and has refused to become a dracolich. The incident drove Klauth to spend more time delving into the riddle he’d discovered in the Weave, which gave him some of the same scattered hints that Halaster Blackcloak received that something terrible was going to happen soon.

Klauth made what preparations he could, but it still took him many years to recover after the Spellplague. He relied on his fire giant followers to protect the vale, maintaining their loyalty by heaping favor and treasure on those who showed loyalty and mercilessly destroying any who showed any sign of treachery. The threat of a Great Hunt lessened after the Spellplague, when most of the archmagi who might participate in it died, lost their power, went mad, or suffered some combination of those fates. With his constant scrying, Klauth discovered Returned Abeir before most others, and learned of Gauwervyndhal, the Empress Dragon of Skelkor.

Gauwervyndhal’s Wyrmcrown allowed her to kill any dragon whose blood she tasted. This artifact filled Klauth with equal parts terror and avarice. The appearance of dragonbane amber also made Klauth terrified of the new continent, even as he wondered at how he might use the animosity between the Dragon Empress and the dragonborn against her.

Klauth also learned of the Abolethic Sovereignty, and with the shattered bonds of magic now burning across Toril as blue fire, he was able to examine the Weave from other perspectives. He became convinced that he was ordained to destroy the Abolethic Sovereignty, the greatest enemy of all the gods.

Klauth will never feel safe while Gauwervyndhal possesses the Wyrmcrown. With it, he believes he will have the power to fulfill his destiny and destroy the Abolethic Sovereignty. But with it Gauwervyndhal is too dangerous. Klauth fears confronting her. To this end, for several years now he has been unusually (and even suspiciously) magnanimous. The fire giants of Klauthen Vale hold a humanoid village captive as serfs, and this community has supplied agents that Klauth has sent to cities across the North, including Mirabar, Luskan, Neverwinter, Longsaddle, and Silverymoon. Through these agents, Klauth has become a prolific patron of adventuring companies, seemingly intent on helping the people of the North. He claims that he is old (which is true), and now focused on leaving behind a legacy for himself (which may also be true). He is searching for a band of adventurers that he can send to slay Gauwervyndhal and claim the Wyrmcrown for him.


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