Commonwealth of Neverwinter


Commonwealth of Neverwinter

Together we will restore the Jewel of the North.

The Commonwealth of Neverwinter was founded two years ago when Lord Rodrik revealed himself as the last living heir of Nasher Alagondar and was recognized as the rightful king of Neverwinter, a title which he soon after renounced when he had the crown melted down. Since then, the city has been divided between the Commonwealth and its domains in the western half of the city (the Alagondar and Blacklake Districts) and the Free State of Neverwinter in the eastern half of the city (the River and Chasm Districts).

The Commonwealth is part of the Lords’ Alliance, which has been fighting a war against Netheril which began a few months before Rodrik’s coronation. That war has generally gone badly for the Lords’ Alliance, but Neverwinter has been spared thanks to the patronage of an ancient red dragon named Klauth. Rodrik has struggled to remain free of Klauth’s influence and patronage, but there is little doubt that the city would have fallen to the Netherese if not for the dragon’s intervention. It is said that with increasing desperation to keep the commonwealth going, Rodrik accepted a large loan from the Bank of Waterdeep.


Rodrik Alagondar is the Lord of Neverwinter, Head of the Council of Neverwinter, Commander-in-Chief of the City Guard, the City Navy, and the City Watch, and Supreme Judge of the Commonwealth.

The Council of Neverwinter is made up of nine members: two elected from each of the four districts, plus Lord Rodrik. The council is the Commonwealth’s legislative body and responsible for setting all of its foreign and domestic policies. The lord’s vote on the council is but a single vote, so he can easily be overridden by the rest of the council. Rodrik makes the number of members odd, which helps avoid tied votes.

The commonwealth has four magistrates in each district. Each is a Tormtar (the highest order in the hierarchy of the Church of Torm) of Watchful Venturer rank or higher, suggested for this service by a superior cleric of the rank Knight or higher. Citizens have the right to appeal to the Lord of Neverwinter.

The City Guard is still a fairly small force, almost entirely committed to manning the city’s defenses and preparing for a Netherese attack. The City Watch is tasked with policing the city streets and preserving order. Understaffed and underfunded, the City Watch often accepts help from the Red Brigade, despite Lord Rodrik’s objections. The City Navy is mostly theoretical, relying heavily on privateers like Admiral Houn Lhaerendo. Half of the forces at Lord Rodrik’s command remain a patchwork of mercenaries from Bregan D’aerthe, the Zhentarim, the Red Brigade, and smaller companies from Mintarn.


The Commonwealth is guided by Rodrik’s personal philosophy. He tries to govern with a light hand (though no hand could ever be light enough for the Brightwoods).

  • If civilization is to survive, we must all unite against the dark forces that threaten it.
  • Glory comes from protecting one’s home and honoring its leaders.
  • The state must always balance justice and the freedom of the individual.


No issues preoccupies the Commonwealth more than the war with Netheril. However, the Commonwealth also has experienced economic tumult recently, which also hampers their ability to effectively wage that war. The Commonwealth hopes to win the war, establish sea-borne and overland trade, build up the city’s economy, rebuild the city, and ultimately prove itself more effective than the Free State of Neverwinter so that all Neverwintans may be united. This is not a fight to be won by force, however; it is a duel of ideas, fought to win the hearts and minds of Neverwinter’s citizens in a competition to do the most good.


There are a number of ranks and titles that one might win in the Commonwealth of Neverwinter. These titles are awarded to those adventurers who distinguish themselves in the Commonwealth’s service.

Rank 1: Freebooter

Prerequisite: 1 renown with the Commonwealth of Neverwinter.

Any adventurer that has completed a mission for the Commonwealth is entered into the official logs and referred to colloquially as a “freebooter.” Freebooters are all given a letter of marque by the Commonwealth which provides them expanded legal protection for activities directly associated with missions given by the Commonwealth. The Trade of Blades offers a half-price deal on training sessions to all freebooters who present their letter of marque.

Rank 2: Contractor

Prerequisite: 3 renown with the Commonwealth of Neverwinter

Adventurers who distinguish themselves in the Commonwealth’s service are more often called independent contractors, rather than freebooters (which is only used behind their backs, or by people who don’t like them). Contractors can usually get meetings with councillors or ministers rather easily.

Rank 3: Agent

Prerequisite: 10 renown with the Commonwealth of Neverwinter, approval by First Secretary Micar’eyl Auvrymtor

Contractors who prove their trustworthiness are sometimes recruited by First Secretary Micar’eyl Auvrymtor to become agents of the Commonwealth — sometimes secret, but more often not. Agents can request funds from the First Secretary for their operations, including to hire their own sub-contractors. These are usually approved by the First Secretary, but don’t try to swindle her. She’s sharp.

Rank 4: Squire

Prerequisite: 25 renown with the Commonwealth of Neverwinter, invitation by Lord Rodrik and oath of fealty

In the days of Nasher Alagondar, only the sons of the nobility could hope to become squires or knights. Lord Rodrik has lifted that requirement, though, declaring that anyone who distinguishes herself in the service of Neverwinter should be honored for it. Agents who prove their commitment to the Commonwealth often receive an invitation from the lord to join the ranks of the nobility. First they must serve as a squire, subordinate to one of Neverwinter’s knights.

Rank 5: Knight

Prerequisite: 50 renown with the Commonwealth of Neverwinter, knighthood ceremony

Once a squire has proven his worth to the Commonwealth, he may be knighted by the lord and join Neverwinter’s nobility. Knights are typically rewarded with lands, keeps, and estates outside the city proper, with their own guard and subjects to command. They are entrusted by Lord Rodrik to rule as he does: with wisdom, justice, and a light hand, with the goal of bringing forth the best in the land and its people.

Commonwealth of Neverwinter

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