Come Delzoun, come one and all, rush to grab yer kin and tell ’em that their home awaits in grandest Gauntlgrym.

Two years ago, the talhund Valtha Silentshield rediscovered the ancient city of Gauntlgrym, and restored the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain. Since then, many of the descendants of Delzoun have returned to that fabled city to reclaim their heritage and help restore the ancient Northkingdom of the shield dwarves. With the primordial Maegera bound once more, Thoradin Hardhammer works to unite the dwarves of the north under his reign and restore the old outposts of Delzoun.

Gauntlgrym connects with the outside world less through the Underdark tunnels all around it than through the portal connecting the temple of Moradin in the Iron Tabernacle to an ancient shrine to Dumathoin in Neverwinter’s River District, creating close ties to the Free State of Neverwinter (who controls the River District) and the Commonwealth of Neverwinter (who controls the docks). It is rumored that King Thoradin has entertained emissaries from Netheril, though, so that if the city should fall, Delzoun’s trade routes might remain unaffected. Not all of Delzoun is pleased by their king’s actions. Some have openly called it dishonorable to place Delzoun’s practical concerns above loyalty to their friends and allies.


Tradition and history mean a great deal to all dwarves, but the restoration of Gauntlgrym has attracted, first and foremost, the ones who take those commitments most seriously. That has deeply affected the kingdom’s overall attitude and outlook.

  • If we do not rekindle the glories of our past, we will fade into obscurity.
  • The outposts of ancient Delzoun must be restored and reoccupied. Any who live there now are intruders who must be evicted.
  • Every dwarf for his clan, every clan for Delzoun.


Thoradin Hardhammer is the King of Delzoun. All power and authority in the Northkingdom rests with him. Several clans swear fealty to the king, and most dwarven life is organized through the clan. King Thoradin has named some dwarves dukes, placing them in charge of outposts too distant from Gauntlgrym to be ruled directly, investing them with the authority to rule in his name within a defined realm. As part of their oaths to him, Thoradin expects the clans to obey the dukes within their realms as they would obey him.


The work of restoring Gauntlgrym will take a generation to complete — possibly even more. Meanwhile, Delzoun adventurers have begun exploring the Northdark to restore other ancient outposts of old Delzoun. Some nearby dwarven communities, like Mirabar and Citadel Adbarr, insist upon their independence for the time being. In time, though, they will see the wisdom of rejoining the Northkingdom. For now there is enough else to do that we do not need to insist upon it to the point of war.

Current Quests

Discover Lost Outpost: The Northkingdom is always interested in the discovery of lost outposts of old Delzoun. They reward explorers who are able to offer such information. Rewards: 200 Lords for the party, 100 XP each, 2 renown each.

Escort Shipment: A group of Delzoun merchants have arrived in Neverwinter with a large shipment of mithral bound for Waterdeep. They have booked a ship, but are looking for extra protection for the voyage, fearing pirates on the Sea of Swords. Rewards: 500 Lords for the party, 100 XP each, 1 renown each.

Pacify the Underdark: Delzoun would like to pacify the Underdark tunnels near its capital, but they are full of drow from Menzoberranzan and monsters enslaved by an illithid colony below them. The Northkingdom would reward handsomely anyone who could pacify either threat. Rewards: 4,000 Lords for the party, 1,000 XP each, 5 renown each.


Position within the Northkingdom itself is reserved for dwarves alone, but they have an informal hierarchy of non-dwarven friends and allies.

Rank 1: Dwarf-Friend

Prerequisite: 1 renown with Delzoun

Non-dwarves who have done something to aid the Northkingdom are called “dwarf-friends.” It is a polite term.

Rank 2: Friend of Delzoun

Prerequisite: 3 renown with Delzoun, awarded the Key of Dumathoin

Dwarf-friends who have offered aid to the Northkingdom on multiple occasions are given a small medal made from Gauntlgrym mithral in the Great Forge, shaped like a key. It identifies the bearer as a friend of Delzoun. Such a medal is required for a non-dwarf to gain entry to Gauntlgrym.

Rank 3: Ally

Prerequisite: 10 renown with Delzoun, awarded the Key of Dumathoin

Friends of Delzoun who continue to aid the Northkingdom become prized allies, and may even arrange an audience with King Thoradin, if circumstances call for it.

Rank 4: Champion of Delzoun

Prerequisite: 25 renown with Delzoun, awarded the Mithral Eye

Allies who prove their dedication to the Northkingdom are awarded the Mithral Eye, a medal of Gauntlgrym mithral made in the Great Forge, depicting the holy symbol of Marthammor Duin, an exarch of Moradin dedicated to exploration and the protection of wanderers. The medal honors a deep and abiding friendship between dwarves and non-dwarves. It is the highest honor bestowed by Delzoun upon non-dwarves. The medal can only be bestowed by the king, and is followed by a celebration where the recipient has close contact with the king. Afterwards, a bearer of the Mithral Eye has access to Gauntlgrym as a dwarf would, and can even arrange an audience with the king.

Rank 5: Adopted Dwarf

Prerequisite: 50 renown with Delzoun, awarded the Mithral Eye, clan invitation

A non-dwarf who continues to serve the Northkingdom may receive an invitation from one of the clans to be adopted into their clan as a shield dwarf. The adoption ceremony beseeches Moradin to see past the shortcomings of the person’s birth to see the soul that the Dwarffather forged, acknowledging her as a dwarf of the adopting clan, with all of the rights and privileges of a natural-born Delzoun dwarf. This ceremony has not yet been performed, so it is unclear how this would interact with the blood magic so intimately tied into the construction of Gauntlgrym.


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