Moonstone Mask

The Moonstone Mask

Moonstone Mask

A vertigo-inducing journey along a cliffside trail takes the adventurous traveler to a new fixture of the Neverwinter skyline. The earthmote now known as the Moonstone floats beside the western edge of the Alagondar District, high over the docks below. It hangs a hundred feet above the crashing waves of the Sea of Swords, bound in place by thick chains strung to heavy anchors. A bridge that runs between the earthmote and the docks allows visitors to enter and exit the Moonstone. The inn offers guests lavish quarters, pleasurable company, and a hard-to-beat view.

Famous along the Sword Coast, this festhall is named for the glowing, moonstone-trimmed masks worn by its staff of beautiful women wearing sheer black gowns. A quiet, comfortable inn, it has an uppermost festhall floor and a ground floor entirely taken up by kitchens and a large dining room. The curving stairs to the upper floors rise through the dining room, where many citizens of Neverwinter, as well as inn guests, often come to dine.

The dining room is lit by a huge hearth and by lanterns hanging from the sides of the grand staircase. The three floors above are luxurious, soundproofed with spells and furnished with fur rugs. The floors are topped by a festhall of luxurious suites beneath an attic. There’s also a rooftop landing platform for winged steeds rumored to be used by skyships from Halruaa from time to time.

The women of the Mask are famed as good friends, worthy gaming opponents, and wise conversationalists. Many important personages of Amn, Baldur’s Gate, Waterdeep, and the North come to Neverwinter regularly to discuss their plans and business with their favorite lady in a mask. The ladies all use house names when on duty, and they never remove their moonstone-adorned half-masks.

The inn was originally founded over a century ago by Ophala Cheldarstorn, an adventuring companion of Nasher Alagondar before he became lord of Neverwinter and she became an important member of the Order of the Many-Starred Cloak. Many stories claim that she played a critical role in placing Nasher on Neverwinter’s throne, even though she bore him some personal grudge throughout her life.

When the Spellplague struck, the land around the posh inn tore free of its surroundings and floated toward the sky. Quick-thinking guests secured it with tethers. Dozens of thick ropes were lashed from the inn to nearby buildings, like a ship tied up in a bay. There the Moonstone reopened for business within a year, turning its panoramic view of the city and surrounding countryside into a selling point. However, when Mount Hotenow erupted sixty years later, its moorings broke free, leaving the earthmote adrift over the Sea of Swords for months. The occupants fixed sails to the inn and used the wind to steer it back to Neverwinter, where it was secured by heavy chains and anchors to its current location. However, the eruption left little economic base to support an institution like the Moonstone, forcing it to close its doors.

The proprietor is a half-elf named Liset Cheldar, a recently returned native of Neverwinter who claims to be Ophala Cheldarstorn’s descendant and heir. That claim is sometimes disputed, but she convinced Dagult Neverember to loan her the money she needed to reopen the inn. Though the once Lord Protector has returned to Waterdeep, Liset has not yet fully repaid her debt, and so must send regular payments south. She runs the tavern well with cheer and discretion.

Moonstone Mask

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