Tales of the Northern Five

The Tales of the Northern Five

Two years ago, in the Year of the Ageless One (447 NR, 1479 DR), a band of adventurers called the Northern Five emerged who changed Neverwinter forever.

The Journal of Micar’eyl Auvrymtor

As a Bregan D’aerthe operative, Micar’eyl Auvrymtor kept careful notes about her time with the Northern Five, providing the most complete first-person account of their adventures.

14-15 Ches447 NRExpedition into the Dwarven Catacombs
26-29 ChesBookstore Bandits
30 Ches - 2 TarsakhExcursion to Dead God’s Hold
4-6 TarsakhHerding the Insane
7-8 TarsakhPolitics by Other Means
11-13 TarsakhThe Long-Awaited Forest Expedition
14-17 TarsakhThe Lost City of Shadows
18-30 TarsakhRally Call to War
6-8 MirtulThe One That Got Away
15-16 MirtulNeverneath
20-23 MirtulAttack of the Ashmadai
2-3 KythornInto the Shard of Night
4-11 KythornMemories of Menzoberranzan
12-18 KythornThe Death of Marcus de Tylmarande
20-30 KythornThe Death of Branwen Farlong
6-20 FlameruleThe City of Splendors
23-30 FlameruleInvasion from the Shadows
MidsummerMaking the Mushroom Kingdom
3-9 EleasisThe Crown of Neverwinter
10 EleasisLiberation Day
30 EleasisSide Notes — Governmental Business
20-23 EleintThe Fires of Mount Hotenow
24-25 EleintGauntlgrym
26-27 EleintMy Sister Faeryl
28 Eleint - 3 MarpenothThe Host Tower
4-15 MarpenothHomecoming

The Journal of Marcus de Tylmarande

As a Harper agent, Marcus kept a coded journal of his exploits to pass along his knowledge in case anything happened to him. His journal passed to Branwen Farlong when he died, and when she died shortly thereafter it was taken up by Micar’eyl.

14-15 Ches447 NRSecrets Under the Mountain
26-29 ChesOver the Wall
30 Ches - 2 TarsakhJourney to Helm’s Hold
4-6 TarsakhSanatorium
7-8 TarsakhThe Battle of Helm’s Hold

The Letters of Valtha Bonecarver

Valtha Bonecarver, the necromancer who reestablished Delzoun and restored the Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, wrote of her first adventure to her uncle and mentor, Drazen, in a coded letter, providing a third first-person perspective on the group’s first adventure to slay the volcano dragon Koravakarios.

Tales of the Northern Five

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